Limited Edition Christmas Tree Scented Decorations


Orange & cinnamon essential oil scented Christmas tree decorations available in two shapes. Decorate your tree this year with these truly beautiful and unique eco-friendly natural ornaments. These will make your tree smell even more amazing, helping you to create a truly festive space in your home and can be offered as party favours for a memory of the celebrations.


Please note there are limited stocks of each ribbon colour. We will try to accommodate your choice but if your preference is out of stock we will substitute it for the other colour. Thank you.

About This Set

About This Set

These naturally scented wax baubles diffuse their stunning natural scent using the ambient temperature in your home, and are made with sustainably sourced rapeseed wax, orange essential oil, pine resin cast stars and leaves and dried moss, berries, orange slices and cinnamon for an absolutely gorgeous natural, plastic-free and glitter-free yet still shiny ornament✨.

Here are just a few reasons why they make such a wonderful alternative:

  • They are 100% natural and plant-based
  • They are strongly scented
  • They last up to a year at normal room temperature
  • They come with an assortment of beautifully glossy yet natural white & red ribbons
  • They make for beautiful decorations that can be given as party favours
  • They will look beautiful on any tree, with your normal decorations
  • Biodegradable
  • Plastic-free
  • Vegan & cruelty-free

For best results, hang your wax tablets in a small space inside your home where they will have the most impact. The tablets in this set are designed to hang on the Christmas tree. We do not recommend using your tablet outdoors, in a cold space or in your car for example, as the ambient warmth of your home is necessary to diffuse the essential oil scent from the wax.

Your fresh wax tablet will last up to a year in ambient temperature however if placed on a radiator, the scents will diffuse much faster than this because of the high heat. The tablets are meant for scenting small spaces, as scented decor.

When the tablet is no longer strongly scented, you can break it into pieces and use a wax burner to diffuse the last of the scent, or chose to keep it for decoration as it will stay looking beautiful for even longer.

Keep out of reach of small children & pets to prevent the risk of ingestion.

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