We score 4.94 out of 5 based on 70 reviews

Based on 70 reviews

Perfect with my bath!

Gorgeous Smelling Candle

This is such a beautiful smelling candle and nicely presented.

Beautiful Soap and Great Service

Highly recommend this soap! It arrived in stunning eco-friendly packaging and smells divine. It lathers well and is very long lasting. I will be buying more products from MYTHYN in the future, thank you for the great service Mathilde!

Beautiful and smells heavenly!

Bought for a group of friends for Christmas together with the amazing soap bars and everyone was absolutely in love with how beautiful everything was and the gorgeous scents! Note to self to get some for myself asap too! Thank you so much Mathilde - I will definitely buy from Mythyn again ๐Ÿ™‚

Gorgeous scent!

Bought for a few friends who absolutely loved it and were gushing about it! Thank you so much! Mathilde was also so sweet, lovely and helpful! I would highly recommend shopping from Mythyn!

Perfection in a bar

Love love love this soap - so gentle on my skin (and doesn't leave that awful, drying feeling after use), it smells delicious and I love that it's organic and doesn't have any nasty chemicals or ingredients. I've spent ages trying to find a soap without phthalates and this bar is absolute perfection. Love it!

Beautiful, perfect gift, highly recommend!

Was beautifully packaged (with a very sweet hand written note tag), smelt gorgeous and the quality of everything was of such a high standard - it was PERFECT! I gave it as a gift to my mother in law for Christmas (who said she kept picking up the gift to smell it before Christmas Day!) but I know from past purchases that the quality of the soap is amazing, and the candle burns perfectly and smells glorious. It's a proper luxury gift, every aspect was of amazing quality and I'm so so pleased with it! It was a perfect gift.


I absolutely love these wax tablets! They look and smell beautiful and theyโ€™re amazing value for money

Gorgeous smell, beautifully packaged.

Scented Tablet

Scented tablet was beautifully packaged and smells divine. I have placed it in a wardrobe to subtly fill with its fragrance.

Smells Fantastic!

The soak smells wonderful! It is beautifully packaged and arrived very quickly.
It's a gift, so unfortunately I don't get to try it myself, although I'm tempted to buy some just for me!

Limited Edition Christmas tree decorations

Wow! Christmas Magic in a box๐Ÿ’ซ
โœจI am so pleased with these fabulous baubles!!
They have the most wonderfully gorgeous scent and look truly beautiful on our treeโœจ

Wow! This smells absolutely amazing!

Scented tree decorations

Smell amazing and beautifully packaged

Gorgeous look and smell!

The decorations are beautifully packaged, smell divine and look amazing. I bought 2 - 1 for me and 1 as a gift. Itโ€™s giving the Christmas tree/room a really lovely scent.

Smells gorgeous

Could smell it from the outside of the beautiful packaging. Have hung in my hall way so I can small it every time I walk out there. it also looks stunning and very classy and Christmassy

Limited edition Christmas ๐ŸŽ„ decorations

Delighted with this product! Came beautifully and carefully packaged - all eco friendly. The wax decorations are joys to behold and their scent is divine.

Absolutely beautiful!

What a wonderful treat just to open the box. Beautifully packaged and the smell was amazing. Gorgeous products. So pleased. Will definitely buy again!

Lovely sanitizer

Beautifully packaged and presented. The smell is quite strong so you only need a little.


Beautiful packaging and the most wonderful scents! I ordered a Christmas Tree Scented Decoration and it looks and smells amazing. The Botanical Scented Wax Tablet in Mandarin, Rose &. Lavender smells gorgeous too! I love the natural products used in the soap sample too! Thanks Mathilde ๐Ÿ™‚

Ideal present

Another lovely mythyn product that Iโ€™ve been buying for years the fragrance is something like no other, itโ€™s difficult to choose a favourite, they make perfect affordable gifts for any time of year, beautifully presented and packaged ready to be given away, that is if you can part with them suggestion buy an one for yourself.

Beautiful Tablets and the smell is amazing

These delicate wax tablets look absolutely gorgeous and smell amazing. Can't wait to gift them to loved ones.

Ideal size

This is like no other hand sanitiser, easily applied with good coverage, not sticky good on my sensitive skin and like the other lavender products the fragrance is amazing, also when the items arrive each are beautifully individually wrapped.


Iโ€™ve been buying these for years usually from the Xmas market that mythyn attends but as they have been cancelled Iโ€™ve ordered online, actually quicker than getting ready and finding a parking space, these pouches are amazing so fragrant last more than a year also nicely presented.

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