• MYTHYN - 10 Tips To Reduce Stress and Anxiety

    10 Tips To Reduce Stress and Anxiety

    While stress is a natural response to potential danger that is meant to help our survival, it is not something we should be experiencing every single day. And yet, if you ask around, the majority of people will tell you they experience it very regularly. Life is too short to spend it in a state …

  • MYTHYN - Why chose natural candles over synthetic candles

    Why Chose Natural Candles Over Synthetic Candles

    The air we breathe affects our health. Learn how burning natural candles instead of synthetic candles can improve your home environment, reducing toxins.

  • How To Burn Candles Safely - MYTHYN

    How To Burn Candles Safely

    Learn how to burn your candles safely at home and for the most enjoyment, helping them burn for as long as they can and as beautifully as possible.

  • MYTHYN.com · December Markets 2016

    Upcoming Markets: December 16

    Find out which markets MYTHYN will be at this December to pick for lovely gifts! We’re delighted to trade at The Granary Christmas Sale and The London Artisan.

  • MYTHYN.com · Giving Thanks

    Giving Thanks: Reflections on the journey so far

    Happy Thanksgiving! It’s been 3 months since MYTHYN opened after being more than two years in the making. Today’s a day to appreciate & give thanks!

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