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  • Why we use Rapeseed Wax in our candles

    Did you know that MYTHYN candles are made exclusively with Rapeseed Wax? We didn’t make this choice lightly. We chose this wax for our candles and scented wax tablets because it is produced in Europe, completely sustainably, with no issues of intensive farming, deforestation, or GMO presence unlike other natural alternatives such as Soy wax. The beautiful …

  • Introducing Melusine Silk Bath Soak - MYTHYN

    Introducing: Mélusine Silk Bath Soak With French Celtic Sea Salts

    Can you believe it’s already June? I hope your new year resolutions are still going strong, or if not, that you have found better & greater ways to make your dreams happen. Soft talk, I know. It’s important to dream and to think how to make dreams come true so we get to dream up …

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