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  • Scenting Your Home Naturally · MYTHYN

    Scenting Your Home Naturally

    With the chilly days in sight we often turn to making our homes the cosiest space we can. Coziness is such a personal, intimate feeling, made up of a hundred different things and blankets alone are not enough.  We crave the fresh air and warmth we felt most days during the summer. We crave the …

  • How To Burn Candles Safely - MYTHYN

    How To Burn Candles Safely

    Candles are such a treat, aren’t they?! We’ve all grown up seeing movie scenes with thousands of roses, and dozens of candles lighting up the most romantic of atmospheres… We associate candles with comfort, home luxury and beautiful lighting and scent. At MYTHYN we design candles with 100% natural and sustainable rapeseed wax, scenting them …

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