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Discover natural home scents, bath & skincare as a lifestyle.
We share what we learn with you about the wonders of botanical alchemy.

  • · Sensitive Skin? Your Skin May Not Be The Real Problem...

    Sensitive Skin? Your skin may not be the real problem…

    The few years that led to my launching MYTHYN were truly a journey of thinking differently about health and beauty. I was having an allergic reaction to the most basic skincare products I used every day, wondering why my skin would flare up even when I was buying premium options, while others would use just …

  • MYTHYN - Why chose natural candles over synthetic candles

    Why Chose Natural Candles Over Synthetic Candles

    Even in the summer heat, I find that lighting a delicious smelling candle completely transforms my work area. I work from home studio – lucky me 😉 – and when I’m not making a batch of candles or another one of our botanically infused creations, burning a candle helps me get through the admin side …

  • Scenting Your Home Naturally · MYTHYN

    Scenting Your Home Naturally

    With the chilly days in sight we often turn to making our homes the cosiest space we can. Coziness is such a personal, intimate feeling, made up of a hundred different things and blankets alone are not enough.  We crave the fresh air and warmth we felt most days during the summer. We crave the …

  • Why we use Rapeseed Wax in our candles

    Did you know that MYTHYN candles are made exclusively with Rapeseed Wax? We didn’t make this choice lightly. We chose this wax for our candles and scented wax tablets because it is produced in Europe, completely sustainably, with no issues of intensive farming, deforestation, or GMO presence unlike other natural alternatives such as Soy wax. The beautiful …

  • Merry Christmas & Thank You - MYTHYN

    Merry Christmas & Thank You

    I hope you have found all your gifts in time and are now looking forward to the joy of giving, and spending some well-earned time with your loved ones. I wanted to extend my very best wishes to all our wonderful customers who have shopped with MYTHYN this past year. You cannot fathom how thankful I am …

  • How To Burn Candles Safely - MYTHYN

    How To Burn Candles Safely

    Candles are such a treat, aren’t they?! We’ve all grown up seeing movie scenes with thousands of roses, and dozens of candles lighting up the most romantic of atmospheres… We associate candles with comfort, home luxury and beautiful lighting and scent. At MYTHYN we design candles with 100% natural and sustainable rapeseed wax, scenting them …

  • The Best Time To Moisturise Your Skin - MYTHYN

    The Best Time To Moisturise Your Skin

    Did you know? You have wonderful skin. Sensitive skin, or not, you were born with this amazing life cover which works hard for you every single day: Your skin protects you by acting as a barrier to contaminants, And it naturally retains water, enabling your organs to perform as they need to without drying out. We …

  • Introducing Melusine Silk Bath Soak - MYTHYN

    Introducing: Mélusine Silk Bath Soak With French Celtic Sea Salts

    Can you believe it’s already June? I hope your new year resolutions are still going strong, or if not, that you have found better & greater ways to make your dreams happen. Soft talk, I know. It’s important to dream and to think how to make dreams come true so we get to dream up …

  • · The Art of Bathing

    The Art of Bathing: 9 Tips For The Ultimate Bath Experience

    Today I invite you to take a realbreak, a time of pure and unapologetic escapism from your busy life: The perfect bath. Bathing is an art so imagine taking this time for yourself and make it worth your while with our best ever tips: 1. Transform your environment into a SPA Set a theme and …

  • · Happy New Year 2017

    Happy New Year 2017!

    Hello Curator, Happy New Year! I hope you have had a wonderful Christmas time, many wonderful gifts and the most joyous times throughout 2016! I also hope you are ready to take on the new year and make it work for you. Above everything else, health is our greatest asset, and I wanted to share …

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