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Botanical Wellbeing – the potency of natural ingredients.
We are driven by the desire to create natural bath, skincare & relaxation products to lower daily stress levels, infuse moments of joy, and improve general wellbeing.

Mathilde Gauvain - Founder

Hi, I’m Mathilde.

MYTHYN is my way of building a lifestyle that is more authentic and connected to nature.

Years ago, skin sensitivity became the new normal for me and products I used to enjoy became impossible for me to use.

I started to build my knowledge of the ingredients commonly used in skincare and bath products and realised that my skin issues were the result of years of exposure to sensitising ingredients, as well as too much stress in my daily life.

Learning more about natural and high-quality ingredients and utilising their beneficial properties soon became a passion so I started making my own bath and cosmetic products… and then I was hooked.

After two years of experimenting and developing my own formulations, MYTHYN was launched in August 2016.

MYTHYN products are designed to nurture, blending chemistry, aromatherapy and a holistic understanding of what feeds our mind and body. I formulate and handcraft all of our soaps, bath products, cosmetics and home scented products in small batches with the highest-quality natural ingredients such as nourishing oils & butters, minerals, botanicals and essential oils.

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Thank you

Sincerely, · Mathilde Gauvain


Our Values

  • We use the highest quality natural ingredients
  • We formulate our products ourselves and handcraft them in small batches
  • They are absolutely cruelty-free – never tested on animals
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